Energy harvesting from waste, water quality monitoring and wearable healthcare self-powered systems with Biological Fuel Cells.

Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica /16 de Abril de 2018


Cordialmente invitados a la charla del 18 de Abril en el ML- 513 de 2:00 pm a 3:30 pm. Edificio Mario Laserna. Facultad de Ingeniería

This talk will provide an overview of Di Lorenzo's group research at the University of Bath (UK).

Di Lorenzo's work is focused on the design and development of low-cost and sustainable technologies for energy harvesting from waste and plants, water quality monitoring and wearable self-powered healthcare monitoring systems. The core technology is Biological Fuel Cell, a type of fuel cell in which enzymes, pure or inside whole cells are used as catalysts.


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Prof Mirella Di Lorenzo. Bath University